Monday, November 08, 2010

Illustration Friday - Afterwards

For this week's 'Illustration Friday' word, which is "Afterwards," I decided to do another image with the boy and his dog that I depicted in the"Spent" challenge.  This weeks word seemed to beg for a two part illustration. The word "afterwards" implies that there was a "before," so I decided to show what preceded my "afterwards."

My dog Poppy loves to roll in the grass and even though it hasn't been necessary to give her a bath after one of her grass rolls yet, I can imagine the day will come when she'll roll in some wet, muddy grass and a bath will be necessary.  I based the drawing of the dog rolling in the grass on some video I shot of my dog.  I played back the video in slow motion until I found a pose I liked and then did a sketch by eye (by which I mean there was no tracing involved). For the bottom part of the image, where the boy is bathing the dog, I originally had a much stiffer pose.  I had the dog with its head hanging low and looking miserably sad. I decided that the image would be much more fun if the dog was trying to shake off the soap and water and the boy had one arm up to prevent soap from getting in his face. You can see the original rough sketch below.

In the final image, I decided to lower the opacity of the layer with the pencil sketch to leave it partially visible. I also decided to lower the opacity of the layer that contained the ink lines.


  1. Nice illustration. I like your style.

  2. Vincent, how have I missed your POSTS! Great character and emotion! Wonderful job!