Friday, October 01, 2010

Pen and Ink - Digital Style Part 2, Work in Progress

I am continuing to work on the challenge I set for myself by drawing 'spot' illustrations for the children's book that I am reading, "The Hounds of Morrigan," by Pat O'Shea. Once again I'm working digitally using Corel Painter's pen brushes.  So that I could get a better idea of the lights and darks, I first did a digital pencil sketch.

Once I was happy with my drawing, I lowered the opacity of the sketch and created a new layer above it where I began to draw with the pen. Using the sketch as my guide, I first drew an outline of the fox. From there, I drew in some of the wheat stalks and started to shade in the background and the fox's face.

To the right you can see the drawing as it has gone through various stages of development.  The last image at the bottom is where I'm currently at with the drawing. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend. When I do, I'll put up another post with the completed image.

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  1. Vincent,
    Just for fun I've been layering a white layer over dark-valued paper on Corel. Then I work 'backwards' using the scratchboard pens/ rake to reveal the black. I like that scratchboard tool mucho!!!