Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Illustration Friday - Breakfast (Finished Version)

For those of you who have been nice enough to follow the progress of this illustration, that I created as part of the July 16th Illustration Friday challenge, it is finally finished. The word to illustrate was 'breakfast,' and I chose to create a family of orangutans having their morning meal in their brightly colored kitchen. My inspiration came from some of the classic Little Golden Book illustrators, people like Feodor Rojankovsky, Mary Blair, J.P. Miller and Aurelius Battaglia.  I chose my color scheme based on what I felt would be complimentary colors to the orangish-browns of the orangutan's fur. I tried to stick to a limited palette, but I did use different shades and values of the colors I chose. For those who may have missed the original posting, I'm also including my original sketch. The main difference between the sketch and the finished piece is that I decided not to try and do a true perspective on the floor. Instead I changed it to a straight-on view of a checkerboard pattern. I felt that would be more in tune with the stylized look of the illustrations in a Little Golden Book.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to come back and see the finished result.  Comments are always appreciated.


  1. Orangutans eating breakfast could be about as fun as a barrel of monkeys! Mom's gonna need those fuzzy slippers to clean up! ;o)

  2. This is lovely, very nice :) It does have a "Little Golden Book" feel to it. One thing I liked better in the original sketch is the perspective of the floor. I think I would love the top (finished) piece even more if you had done the checkered floor more in perspective. :) Just my opinion...but your illo looks GREAT regardless!

  3. wow great piece, love all the details!

  4. this turned out great! you and I are certainly on the same page with the little golden book obsession! I love all those great little details like the vintage pottery, and all the bustling activity...actually, it reminds me of my childhood, orangutans included!

    excellent work, vince!