Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Paper Doll That I Can Call My Own Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, when I posted my first entry on my love for the paper dolls of my childhood, I promised I would post more when I found them.  I just finished scanning another batch, so here is another group. Believe it or not, I have even more. This group is all Disney related.

I was fascinated by Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" as a child even though I didn't actually get to see the movie until I was 16.  By age 5, I had seen the ads for it on TV and I imagine the promotional material shown on the Disneyland (later the Wonderful World of Color) TV program.  My mother bought us a lot of the merchandise related to the movie - coloring books, colorforms, a game, a punch-out playset and numerous paper dolls.  The above image of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip shows another example of the somewhat rare, two-sided paper doll.  I think it's a nice touch that the artist gave Prince Phillip a bouquet of flowers to hide behind his back. These came inside a Little Golden Book, that besides the storybook, also included clothes that you cut out yourself.  The three good fairies from the film, Fauna, Merryweather and Flora came from another set, which also included Princess Aurora, Prince Philip and if I remember correctly Princess Aurora's parents.  The fairies were all I could find from this set at the moment.

The brochure below is about all that is left from the Colorforms "Sleeping Beauty" Dress Designer Kit.  I have no idea what happened to the figure, I'm afraid she was lost long ago.  I did find one of the vinyl plastic skirts though. I don't know how many paper dolls (or in this case should I say vinyl dolls?) Colorforms made.  The regular Colorforms playsets came with a laminated background upon which you stuck cut-out vinyl characters, so you could make up your own scenes.  This kit included a laminated figure on heavy cardboard and her wardrobe was made from the cut vinyl pieces that would stick to her slick surface.  The wardrobe was made up of a number of different pieces that could be overlapped and combined with other pieces to give you a large variety of dress designs.  You can get an idea of some of the possibilities from the brochure.

The next group is from "101 Dalmatians."  We had lot of merchandise from this film as well.  I know we had coloring books, paper dolls and a punch-out playset.  Here are the Roger and Anita figures along with Pongo, Perdita and one of the puppies.  Strangely enough, the set didn't come with a Cruella figure.

This last set is from Mary Poppins.  I think the likeness of the Dick Van Dyke character is pretty good, but I don't think that the Mary Poppins character looks much like Julie Andrews.  I also think that they made the two children look older than they did in the film.  This set came with a punch-out cardboard copy of Mary Poppins' big handbag for storing the paper dolls and their wardrobe.

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